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calin, cuddle

Feeling lonely and cold;
down or desperate?

Need a human presence? Someone to hold your hand or to hold you tight; someone who'll listen to you without judging or who'll let you cry on their shoulder?

Professional cuddling service

No sexuality

We offer a professional cuddling in-home service including affection, non-judgmental listening and cuddle therapy
(without any sexuality).

Because we all need human contact and affection to feel right, but we can't all have it. Some have cut themselves off from the rest of the world while others have been left alone. Others are constantly surrounded but still feel empty and alone inside.

Whatever your situation is, if you think a big hug could make everything feel so much better, then just contact us!

calin, cuddle
Calinae, calin, cuddle
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Everything you need to know!


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You're getting so close to finally be warmly cuddled!

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