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FAQ and everything else you need to know

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!

How does this service work?

1. Contact us! Ask all your questions and then make an appointment.


2. Before the appointment, get ready: body and buccal hygiene are primordial; put on your most comfortable pyjamas or sweats (no nudity accepted).


3. Before the session, we'll recap the rules and take the time to discuss your preferences and limits. The paiement will be made before the session (see Prices section). And then we get comfortable!


4. The session per se will be timed so you can enjoy every minute of it. As the session goes, we can change position; you can talk, cry or stay silent; we can watch TV, listen to music or sleep; it's all up to you! Just remember that there won't be anything sexual: no kisses, genital contact, coitus or any other sexual/fetichist act or discussions.


5. After the session, we'll take the time to slowly come back to Earth, talk about how better you now feel and then pick up the covers!

Do you have an office or location?

Yes, we now have the Calia's Space at Calia Cuddle TherapyWhen necessary, we can offer in-home service. We serve all the greater Montreal region. For cients outside of Montreal Island, some travel fees might be added.

Do you have opening hours?

Opening hours are 7 days/week, from 9am to 9pm by appointment only. Appointments must be booked at least 12h in advance on Calia Cuddle Therapy's website.

Can I have any sexual contact if I pay a supplement?

No, this is a 100% sex-free service. No genital contact, no kisses, no coitus, no masturbation or any sexual contact is permitted.

What happens if I get aroused during a session?

Arousal is natural but won't be encouraged, therefore, the cuddling position or the discussion topic will be changed in order to bring you back to a non-aroused state.

What kind of position can we cuddle in?

Positions will be choosen depending on personnal preference, comfort and any specific physical limits (handicap, disease, PTSD, etc.)

Here are a few exemples:​​

  • Holding hands

  • Being next to one another (standing, sitting or laying)

  • Arm over the soulders/head on the shoulder (standing, sitting or laying)

  • Hug, embrace (arms around the other person) (standing, sitting or laying)

  • Spooning position (you can be either the big or the small spoon)

What kind of equipment do we need?

Mainly, a good cuddling session needs comfort. Since you'll have chosen the location, think about what would be best for you. 

Whether it's about lighting or music; couch, or bed; blankets or not; it's all up to you, it's your session!

If you come to Calia, you'll see that Calia's Space has been entirely designed to ensure the best and most comfortable cuddling sessions!

Oh, I almost forgot: and, of course, your most confortable PJs! (Actually, any long and confortable clothing will do!)

What can you do if I just can't cuddle?

Before the session, client's limits will be discussed and considered with the utmost attention.

Here are some type of possible limitations: 

  • Physical limitations: handicap, prothesis, medical appliances, etc.

  • Physiological limitations: disease, pain, etc.

  • Psychological limitations: Posttraumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, etc.

Don't worry, whatever your limits are, we'll find a way to give you lots of affection!

Of course, discretion, respect and privacy are fully guaranteed!

Do you also offer massages?

Yes, we can also do massages, because massages are part of a natural cuddling sessions, but only on top of clothes and not in any erogenous areas. Plus, we are neither massage therapists, nor masseuses. 

In other words, we cannot give any insurance receipt nor official therapy waranty.

Also, we do not offer the "Happy ending" nor any kind of genital contact. Thank you for your understanding.

You're getting so close to finally be warmly cuddled!